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Does anyone with pscoriatic arthritis experience periods of vertigo?

I have had a couple episodes of vertigo lasting up to 5 days. I was told at first that I had an inner ear infection but then I have ear it is caused by inflammation in the ear. Has anyone experienced this?

posted 1 day ago by A MyPsoriasisTeam User
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I have problems with vertigo as well. I have meds when it really acts up and my Chiropractor adjustments really help.

posted about 19 hours ago

Treatment options

Hi All,
So I have had active psoriasis (plaque) for 10 years.
I have been on Methotrexate for the better part of the time, I tried Acitretin, light therapy, topical treatments.
They both worked for the most part but I have anxiety & study part time, so the psoriasis never fades fully.
The Methotrexate has become too much to stomach, I have such bad side effects now that I can't bring myself to take it.
My psoriasis is spreading, sore and itchy.
Does anyone have any other suggestions as I… read more

posted 3 days ago by A MyPsoriasisTeam User

I take Methotrexate for my psoriatic arthritis ones a week. I have always used injects because my Dr said it was much easier on the stomach. Can you… read more

posted 1 day ago

Psoriasis and pregnancy

Has anybody prevented a flare before labor and after ? If so how ?? Ive went my whole pregnancy with not much flaring and now it seems at 35 weeks Im starting to flare quite alot on my scalp back and legs.

posted 8 days ago by A MyPsoriasisTeam User

Shorts with red, and scaley knees

Its so embarrasing. I love my shorts. Any suggestions. ??

posted 9 days ago by A MyPsoriasisTeam User

I’m wearing my shorts, there is so many other people that look worse and I’m old enough now that is not the most important thing

posted 9 days ago

Has anyone in Cape Town, South Africa seen Dr Whitaker for psoriasis treatment?

Dr. Whitaker is a dermatologist in Cape Town, you wait a few months before you are able to get an appointment. she has prescribed some light therapy for my psoriasis on my hands and feet as tar cream was not working fast enough.
Has anyone been to see her, can you tell me about your results and the treatments followed?

posted 11 days ago by A MyPsoriasisTeam User
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I am seeing the specialist to see what would help...

posted 3 days ago

Anyone try cutting meat and processed food?

Several months ago I cut meat and processed food from my diet. Adding certain things back in as I go. Only issue is G.I. problems. Dors anyone use a plant based probiotic that works?

posted 11 days ago by A MyPsoriasisTeam User
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Thank you! Will give it a try!

posted 9 days ago
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