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I am having the light thearapy treatment and I have to go three times a week,,for about 36 treatments are finished now and they are suggesting to come twice a week to do only the hands and feet and one time for my body,,because its looking much better, I find it very helpful but time consuming. I wish there was a cure! What is the tar cream? Should everyone be using that?

A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

i have used tar lotion , it helps me some with using it in the sun, but ask your dermo since u are having light treatment first . what i have used is called cutar tar lotion , its not too expensive i had to have the pharmacy order it but you dont need insurance for it here anyway, also zithranol cream is great but very expensive without good insurance here , i ran out months ago and wish i could get some but its like over 200 dollars here where i live but it does last me for months cause i only use it twice a week in sun until flare goes away , the cutar lotion twice a week also in sun . Like i said , please ask your dermo about this first before doing anything . my ppp is hands and feet. hope it helps u , i miss having laser it helped my hands i think in a flare more than my feet , but everyone is different . Good luck and let me know , if anyone can get samples of zithranol or has any they are not using thats unopened preffered please , please contact me thank you .

posted about 6 years ago
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