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How Do You Deal With Scalp Psoriasis?

How Do You Deal With Scalp Psoriasis?

I have severe psoriasis on my scalp, and so far nothing has helped. I've tried medicated shampoo, and oil drops like betamethasone, but my scalp is still peeling off all over in huge thick chunks. It becomes very painful, sometimes bleeds or oozes, and "heals" with incredibly tight skin similar to feeling a swim cap suctioned and pulled back on your head. Such large (circumfrence and thickness) pieces come off with hair that I have bald spots accumulating particularly on the back top of my head.

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posted February 8, 2017
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member

Dear Folks,

I have a solution but it works very slowly.

I have the beginning stage psoriasis on my ears and scalp.

Flakes are becomes thick and peeling Along with hair.

I did some research for the past six months march 2018 and overcoming the problem slowly.

It is an autoimmune disorder , shampoos, creams, steroids will only stop itching and inflammation for a small period of time, again it will appear.The underlying root cause is disciplinary living. The food practice, sleep, stress, vitamin D deficiency, Not getting enough exposure to Sun.

First of all , Epidermal Skin is a very big organ with a large surface area and we should spend enough time to it, it has sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair, nerves, blood veins etc.

Resolution Steps :
1. Reduce your body weight - (BMI 19 - 25) this is very high priority agenda in your lifestyle. Reduce your LDL cholesterol levels.

2. Skin is an organ it needs Vitamin D, E rich foods, lots of water, etc. Please get enough Sun in the morning with coconut oil applied in the body,scalp, affected regions. Morning Sun has less UV radiations it doesn't produce burns.

3. Refrain from using harmful chemicals, shampoos, parabens, soaps, better use Neem products, turmeric and Wrightia Tinctoria herb

4. Overcome Stress - this is a major topic needs much focus. Occupation plays a major role. Deviate your focus by playing, music, hitting gym, yoga meditation, hiking with friends, enjoy the nature with birds sound and many more.

5. Avoid processed packed foods, deep oil fried snacks, Alcohol and carbonated sweetened drinks strictly. Eat Oily fish,green & Veggies, beans, Rice,Intake More water periodically.

6. Sleep - Get proper sleep for 7-8 hours to relax the Skin. Avoid Night shifts and refrain from gadgets - put airplane mode in night.Never think about work and other problems.

7. More Happier you are, you will get a glowing skin, Laughing a lot reduces your stress, cortisol (bad hormone) and toxic products production.

Please try the above things by changing the life style and let me know the results. You can see the gradual results through Hair growth, Nails and Skin.

All the best,

Thank you,

Praying the God to give you health and all happiness.

posted December 5, 2018
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member

Don't forget to watch your diet, the cause of psoriasis comes from inside. Avoid the nightshades: No tomatoes, aubergine, beef, white potatoes, white bread, shellfish, peppers, paprika and lastly, tobacco. No smoking

posted December 6, 2018
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member

My 12 year old daughter has scalp psoriasis.
I'm always on the look out for natural options.
What has helped alot is a video of a girl that had succes with This natural routine.
We use apple cider vinergar ( Brags natural, raw, unfiltered... with the mother) I leave the vinegar in all her scalp for half and hour ( at least) and brush it with a thin combe to try and lift some scales if any
( vinegar lives hair shiny and soft)
then she washes it out. When hair is damp I apply 4
4 tablespoons of " HEMP OIL" organic ... the one that is in the fridge....
I heat it ( i don't burn it) in a doble boiler pot.
I massage her scalp VERY well and leave it over night with shower cap... ( or at least all afternoon) it is SUPER moisturizing for the scalp... it takes away the itching and the flakes.
It takes dedication BUT it really works for her really well! ;0)
The key is to be CONSISTENT. .., you can do it more more often depending on severity... then in time you do the treatments farther apart ...
Tip: doing the apple cider vinegar once in a while works best ( apart from the hot oil treatment)
Hope this is helpful!!!!
My heart goes out for all of you that have to go trough all this, I live this with my daughter.....
Many Blessings!!!

posted February 28, 2017
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member

My whole scalp was covered. Was white from front to back and also lost a lot of my hair. I used olive oil to try and loosen the plaques and then used locoid crelo 0.1% topical emulsion. I now have zero psoriasis on my scalp. I don't use it now but if I feel a bump starting I put it on, wash it out the next day and it doesn't come to anything. I was prescribed this through my dermatologist. Hope this helps

posted February 13, 2017
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member

I try a few things,
1. Make an anti inflammatory tea-ginger, turmeric,garlic. Cut and boil. Drink one or two cups a day.
2. Wash scalp with shampoo once every three days. Day one put steroid cream on-try elidel or clobetasol. Day two use a coconut or tea tree oil on scalp. Day three wash and condition. Repeat.
3. Don't pick at it. Only makes it worse. Cut nails to reduce picking.

I've had scalp psoriasis for 13 years-still have it. It comes and goes, but that's how I deal with a flare.

Good luck and try to stay positive. Its hard, I know, but this is OUR reality.

posted February 10, 2017

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