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Is It Possible For Someone To Have All Three Types Of Arthritis??

Is It Possible For Someone To Have All Three Types Of Arthritis??

I have been told by my arthritic/allergy doctor I have all three arthritis's: rheumatoid, osteo, and psoriatic arthritis. I also psoritis on my skin. I also have Crohn's disease. Is it possible to have all three? How do you tell which one is causing the joint pain?


A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

It’s possible and you don’t always know what pain is from which arthritis. I have found that treatments for RA and PSA are similar so hopefully you can find relief no matter what...

posted over 1 year ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

I think it’s possible. I know that I have psoriatic arthritis and degenerative arthritis. Possibly osteo too. I think the can test areas so you would know what you have in which area. Have you seen a rheumatologist?

edited, originally posted over 1 year ago
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