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Has Anyone Tried An Oral Or Shot For Plaque Psoriasis?

Has Anyone Tried An Oral Or Shot For Plaque Psoriasis?

I hate using topical ointments because it feels like they hardly work. I want to try a different approach, but I’m afraid my doctor will dismiss my thoughts on it. Any tips?

A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

If you are seeing a good Dermatologist, they should definitely give you other options. Do not hesitate to bring this up. Look at the multitude of posts on here from others who have had success with Biologics….some with Methotrexate or Otezla and some with natural supplements!

posted 9 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

I have been just started my 2nd year on skyrizi, have been cleaned since I went on it.

posted about 24 hours ago
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