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Anyone out there experienced a fib before or after their diagnosis of psoriasis/Psoriatic arthritis?

A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

AFib diagnosis came after the PsA and RA diagnosis:( I had a late diagnosis of both due to the neglience and arrogance of a rhuematologist. I have chronic pain syndrome with neurological involvement making describing and identifying the difference in symptons, pain-wise. Ironically; it was an insightful orthopedic surgeon that had the lab work completed for arthritis…within 48 hours I saw a rhuematologist, opthamologist and a cardiologist…result very inflammed to this day with multiple organ involvement. Am I mad? Not anymore because being mad takes away from my life; dont need that! Did I report the one doctor? You betcha! Facebook, my insurance blog and more. Hey! I know that there are a lot of you residing not in the U.S.; I want to reassure you that medical care, even with great insurance, is seriously lacking and unaffordable in the 50 states. It is a mess and a constant battle here. Sorry, got carried away! I just stopped the meds for AFib by some diet changes. Last appointment; I had normal sinus rythymn👍

posted 22 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

So I had two episodes of a fib late 2020 early 2021 so I decided to do the ablation in April of last year. I have been fine with that but with all this pain throughout my body my efforts to exercise and lose weight have been horrific. I actually saw a dermatologist for the skin condition and he’s the one who diagnosed me and I also saw the Rheumatologist both are excellent diagnosticians. Im sorry u had such a bad experience.

posted 21 days ago
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