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Long time sufferer, new symptoms

Long time sufferer, new symptoms

Hi all,
I have had plaque psorisis since i was very young, usually on a 7 year cycle or increased stress. Over the last six months I have had increasing stiffness & lack of mobility in my elbows, hips, knees & overall joints. I have just turned 41 years old & unsure whether this is just age related? I get very tired & ready for bed by 8.30 each evening, I have a rather stressful job & have put these symptoms down the that up until recently when I heard about… read more

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A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

I am also 55 & have had psoriasis & pa also , life is not too good at the moment , all the above symptoms ,I had Togo on the sick for couple of… read more

posted 25 days ago
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