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Results taking Otezla?

Results taking Otezla?

My doctor perscribed me Otezla. Im currently on day 5. So far no changes but its only been 5 days. Wondering how its worked for anyone.
I get huge blisters on my feet that prevent me from walking the first 2 days. Then i basically limp and hop for the next couple and by day 6-7 im able to walk. But its extreamly itchy and i have dry chunks of skin peeling off. Looks like burned ham
Hands get coved in tiny blisters. Eventually they peel and become flakey and crusty. Insanley itchy the whole… read more

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A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

So sorry looks so painful! I'm in 2nd
month of Otezla and didn't notice changes until about the 3rd week. I first noticed all the redness and peeling on… read more

posted about 2 months ago
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