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Any Body Else Surviving Joys Of Covid-19? Sick For Over A Week Now And Not Really Improved Much.

Any Body Else Surviving Joys Of Covid-19? Sick For Over A Week Now And Not Really Improved Much.

Chills, fever, nausea, gastric distress, loss of taste and smell, inability to take deep breath, sinus flow, Reynauld's like flare-ups to both fingers and toes throughout day intermittently, burning eyes, orthostatic hypotension, gross fatigue leading me to sleep more than my cat.

A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

Try vitamin C or drink lots of lemon and warm water. There was an article about the doctor that had COVID-19, so she drank that plus tylenol.

posted 27 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

Sis- I'm willing to bet I miss my pt's more than they miss me! I am out of quarantine after about a month and while I wait for work to retest me (tested negative at clinic on rapid screen and am awaiting normal lab results) I'm in my backyard doing a little work and staying well hydrated in between. It is wonderful to feel this good again and I pray I don't take it for granted any time soon. His blessings!

posted 20 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

Thanks Nicolette- largely follows what I've been doing. Viruses we treat symptomatically, though I did a round of antibiotics when it appeared I had developed a secondary infection but we're that cautious with any of the biologic Rx's. They say this is hanging on longer because of the immune suppression of the Humira. I did exactly what you are supposed to do and stopped it when my wife tested positive even though I initially tested negative. Feeling pretty good today for first day since June 29th. If I have three good days in a row without a set-back, I can retest and get out of quarantine if negative. Then I start testing to be able to go back to work. Praying I've begun developing antibodies to this crap! At this point I'm sharing this because as contagious as covid-19 is, it could be any of us. Love you folks in Jesus' Name!

posted 26 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

Temperatures now within normal range though slightly elevated for me. Hope to retest in next day or two and get back to work helping others. Still some middle resp tract symptoms but hoping just residual and I'll not touch a patient until I meet the clinical indicator which is two negative covid-19 tests at least 24 hours apart. I REALLY miss my patients!

posted about 1 month ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

Thank you for sharing your experience to this virus. I am a cna and i work for hospice. I am also on a biologic and have been scared to death about getting covid. My doctor wanted me to not work right now because of my biologic and i told him i dont have a choice because i would be homeless if i dont work. When we have one of our patients with positive covid test they tell us and yes we have full ppe the first time they put a covid patient on my schedule i called my supervisor and explained my situation and i got another cna to see that patient and since then she hasnt assigned me a covid patient. Yes i always wear my ppe and even when not working the only place i go is grocery store. I live in south Florida and its bad here. All i keep thinking is because of the biologic i will probably die if i get covid. I am 51 and yes unfortunately I smoke. Dr said in November i had beginning stage of copd. I quit smoking then but with all this stress of covid i have been having such anxiety that in may i started smoking again. I am going to try to quit again on monday. Sorry for my long rant. I am so happy you are on the road of recovery and God is good to us. May you keep on the road of recovery and get back to your patients im sure they miss you. Thanks again for sharing

posted 21 days ago
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