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Best Anti-inflammatory

Best Anti-inflammatory

I was wondering which anti-inflammatory has worked best for everyone. My fingers are always so swollen and the pain is bad. I do have RA also, but the swelling is just ridiculous and embarrassing. I used to wear a size 8 on my ring fingers, but now it would be about a THIRTEEN and that's no exaggeration. I use ice, Voltaren gel, and Etodolac. Etodolac is expensive this year and isn't working anyway. Any advice?

A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

Celebrex is the only anti-inflammatory that helps me. I take it during bad flares.

posted 28 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

Lynda- Have used naprosyn for breakthrough pain and swelling with some success but on Humira for my primary treatment though I am doing Lucraderm and some CBD oil sublingually.

posted 29 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

My fingers, tops of my hand where the knuckles are are, I have inflammation & my right thumb is very swollen... It doesn'tsound like it is as bad as yours... I wear a size 8 on my ring finger normally as well, and my engagement ring is a size 8... I can get it on to the knuckle, but am afraid to push it on any further right now... But it wouldn't be much more than an 8 1/2 if I needed it resized, but want to wait until they switch me from the sulfasalazine to enbril to see if it helps with the inflammation... The sulfasalazinewss helping with the pain some, but not getting rid of all of the inflammation & I think it is giving me stomach irritation & inflammation, so I don't really want to keep taking it if I don't have to....

posted 18 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

Ketoprofen is the drug marketed as Orudis originally. No longer sold OTC but you can get an Rx for it now- did some research- and you can definitely buy it in a different dose for your pet. Some research is sillier than others, what can I say?

posted 22 days ago
A MyPsoriasisTeam Member said:

sargentdp thank you! I'll have to check those things out.

posted 27 days ago
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